We are BURKAZ FIGS that produces Dried Figs and Dried Apricots and has many years’ experience in this sphere. We are operating in Nazilli district in AYDIN city. This region is known as a center of most quality figs gardens in the world. BURKAZ FIGS provides world market with the highest quality dried figs.

We are the company who respects and keeps up with Turkish Food Manufacturing Codex and European Food Manufacturing Standards. We engage in production according to the standards and stipulated conditions. Our company offers its products exports all over the world.

We, as BURKAZ FIGS use the individual approaches to each client and in all manner of ways take into account all wishes of every client.

With growing and expanding interest to our customer’s demands and expectations we intend to provide services at the best level possible.


These are the core principles and values that apply to all our employees and principal staff.

  • Focus on customers

  • Reliability

  • Responsiveness

  • Leadership

  • Efficiency

  • Innovation

We are BURKAZ FIGS COMPANY and we believe that little things make a big difference!


To be successful in conserving the nature’s highest quality in dried fruit production and export industry and using this power to serve our clients at different levels and best quality.


In the dried fruit sector, we aimed to be the company that is customer-oriented, people-oriented, and society-oriented. Also, we seek to attain satisfactory returns and regards from our customers, consumers and employees by being reliable, innovative and efficient. Our goal is to ensure and contribute to the quality of natural dried fruit production in our country and internationally.